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God. He's a problem solver, a soul satisfier, a body healer, a way maker and His name is Jesus Christ!

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David Smith, of Okemah Oklahoma, is a faith preaching evangelist of the United Pentecostal Church International.
Brother Smith's passion for lost souls is evident in everything he does, and God continues to use him mightily to spread the great gospel message of Jesus Christ with signs, wonders and miracles following.

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Continual Blessings

Bro. David: The blessing continue to come. Just today I got an email for one of the ladies who she and her husband have been faithful with their "worship offerings" for a year now. While having been blessed the past, one being a $4. per hr raise, she felt let to bless a needy person in the church this weekend. Yesterday, she was called into the office by the owner of the company. He presented her, in the presence of some staff, with a $250.00 purse. They said if was for the tremendous work she is doing. She thanked them and started to walk out. The owner said, "aren't you going to open it. She did and the purse was full of money that they had stuffed it with.

Ain't God Somebody.

Pastor Roy Barnhill


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