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Harvester David Smith

I love to see signs. wonders, and miracles, but the greatest miracle of all is someone receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We are based out of Okemah UPC, Okemah OK. With my wife Carlen and children Camille, Mikail, Spenser and Alecia "CiCi", we wish you all of God's blessings.


Praise Reports


Financial Miracles Lumberton, NC

Since our revival in Lumberton, NC in February, God has miraculously unleashed the finances in the church. Bro. Barnhill began to prophecy over the finances of the saints and over the city, which was ranked #1 in poverty in all of NC last year. On Feb. 3rd an offering of $25,000.00 was received as people began bringing their offering to the altar during the preaching. This has now happened on 3 consecutive weekends since then. Offerings of 17,000.00, 11,000.00 and 9,000,00 were laid on the altar during the praise and worship part of the services. Miracle financial blessings are being returned to the people. Bro. Billy Cole prophecied to Bro. Barnhill that the back of Satan has been broken over his city.

The after glow of revival continues from our recent revival with Bro. Smith.
27 received the Holy Ghost and 7 were baptized. The financial miracles that are happening since the Sunday night "seed offering" are incredibly astounding. Lumberton was just declared the as the poorest area in North Carolina and was rated as #1 in poverty.

1. In that Sunday night offering a family had only 75 cents to give. They brought it to the altar and gave it. Last week, the Lord blessed them with $11,000.00. They presented me with a written miracle testimony this past Sunday night.

2. One young man who owns his own insurance agency felt led to give $3,000.00 that night. The very next week, God blessed him personally with $60,00.00 in commissions. Two weeks later he wrote another 6 million dollar policy which will net him another 60,000.00.

3. The 43 year old man that was an alcoholic for the past 28 years got the Holy Ghost, it has now been 17 days without alcohol or drugs. Literally, he looks 10 yrs younger. Sunday night, he was shouting and worshipping with the men as they were praising the Lord around the altar.

To God be the Glory

The Pentecostals, Lumberton, NC