About Life Ministries

Harvester David Smith

I love to see signs. wonders, and miracles, but the greatest miracle of all is someone receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We are based out of Okemah UPC, Okemah OK. With my wife Carlen and children Camille, Mikail, Spenser and Alecia "CiCi", we wish you all of God's blessings.


Praise Reports


Eva United Pentecostal Church

THANK YOU for coming. What a weekend. It has done great things in our church. I can't keep up or remember all the reports that are spinning off of this one weekend.

- Baptist lady, who received HG Sunday, her husband is pumped about the church and the Holy Ghost.

- Man who received HG pm service is supposed to bring 12 people Sunday

- Lady from family who got the HG, but she didn't yet, had a miracle take place in her hand for which she had come.

- Another man who received HG who was catholic, is speaking swelling things about God, HG, & church.

- I counted 10-15 who had received HG back for Tuesday night.

Get ready for the Miraculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely for REVIVAL.

Bishop Wilbanks