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Praise Reports


Financial Miracles Lumberton, NC

Since our revival in Lumberton, NC in February, God has miraculously unleashed the finances in the church. Bro. Barnhill began to prophecy over the finances of the saints and over the city, which was ranked #1 in poverty in all of NC last year. On Feb. 3rd an offering of $25,000.00 was received as people began bringing their offering to the altar during the preaching. This has now happened on 3 consecutive weekends since then. Offerings of 17,000.00, 11,000.00 and 9,000,00 were laid on the altar during the praise and worship part of the services. Miracle financial blessings are being returned to the people. Bro. Billy Cole prophecied to Bro. Barnhill that the back of Satan has been broken over his city.

The after glow of revival continues from our recent revival with Bro. Smith.
27 received the Holy Ghost and 7 were baptized. The financial miracles that are happening since the Sunday night "seed offering" are incredibly astounding. Lumberton was just declared the as the poorest area in North Carolina and was rated as #1 in poverty.

1. In that Sunday night offering a family had only 75 cents to give. They brought it to the altar and gave it. Last week, the Lord blessed them with $11,000.00. They presented me with a written miracle testimony this past Sunday night.

2. One young man who owns his own insurance agency felt led to give $3,000.00 that night. The very next week, God blessed him personally with $60,00.00 in commissions. Two weeks later he wrote another 6 million dollar policy which will net him another 60,000.00.

3. The 43 year old man that was an alcoholic for the past 28 years got the Holy Ghost, it has now been 17 days without alcohol or drugs. Literally, he looks 10 yrs younger. Sunday night, he was shouting and worshipping with the men as they were praising the Lord around the altar.

To God be the Glory

The Pentecostals, Lumberton, NC


Holy Ghost Encounter Details

Praise the Lord for revival in Smithville, TN. We held a series of services at New Life U.P.C. in Smithville, TN and saw 45 receive the Holy Ghost. On Friday night Bro. Smith held an altar workers seminar and at the end of the seminar the Power of God fell and we had 2 receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Saturday night we held a Sectional event and had several filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues including a local Church of the Nazarene Pastor. On Sunday revival continued and our evening service had a Spanish emphasis and again we saw several receive the Holy Ghost including some of our visiting Assembly of God church members. Then to close the crusade the Spirit of God poured out on several of our children.

Thank the Lord and Thank You Bro. Smith for your burden to see souls saved.

Pastor Cornelius



Hello Pastor Stark,

I briefly wanted to share this with you. When Brother Smith was with us He
prayed for a man in our congregation who has had a whole host of medical
problems including major heart problems and most recently cancer
(Terry is his name). Several months ago Terry was diagnosed with prostate cancer that they began aggressive treatment upon but the cancer had spread to his spine.

After Brother Smith prayed for him - Terry said he instantly felt better (better
breathing etc). I thought nothing more of it. Two weeks ago he returned to the
doctor and the scans were completely clean - no spots on his spine. The
doctor told him "I have no doubt that was cancer - but it is not there anymore!" The doctor declared him cancer-free.

Terry hasn't hardly been able to sleep from the excitement of his healing. He
told me all I keep saying is "Praise God, no more cancer, Praise God, no
more cancer!"

God is Good.



Continual Blessings

Bro. David: The blessing continue to come. Just today I got an email for one of the ladies who she and her husband have been faithful with their "worship offerings" for a year now. While having been blessed the past, one being a $4. per hr raise, she felt let to bless a needy person in the church this weekend. Yesterday, she was called into the office by the owner of the company. He presented her, in the presence of some staff, with a $250.00 purse. They said if was for the tremendous work she is doing. She thanked them and started to walk out. The owner said, "aren't you going to open it. She did and the purse was full of money that they had stuffed it with.

Ain't God Somebody.

Pastor Roy Barnhill


The Pentecostals of Lee Road

Greetings to all in Jesus name. Evangelist David Smith is a gifted man of God. He is gifted with "an extra measure of the gift of faith." Bro Smith operates in the realm of "supernatural and not the spectacular." It is so refreshing as a pastor to watch a man of his gifting, calling, and passion operate within his gifting. Bro Smith is in the true sense a "Harvester of Souls." Bro Smith has preached for us in our church The Pentecostals of Lee Road, out of Covington La. He has preached in our daughter works, in home cell groups and other settings. Many things have happened every time he has ministered. The Lord was glorified, souls were baptized in Jesus name as well as receiving the Holy Ghost, miracles, signs, wonders, healings, prophetic words given, and the blessings to numerous to mention. Our prayers are with Evangelist David Smith as he continues to follow the plan of God for his life. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

Rick Maricelli


Jesus Worship Center

Bro. David Smith has had a profound effect on the Jesus Worship Center in Jennings, LA. His unique way of connecting to the audience produces a warmth that invites the presence of God . . . so much so that he has never ministered at our church without several people receiving the Holy Ghost. Bro. Smith's gifting is evidenced by the fruit of his ministry.

Thank you for allowing God to use the gifting He's placed in you to bless others.

Clifton J. LeJeune


A God Of Second Chances

Praise the Lord Brother Smith! I saw you at Louisiana Men's Conference this year. That is so awesome that 15 men received the Holy Ghost there. I attend Brother Nathan Scoggins church in Lufkin, Tx. On one of the nights that you were there you were talking about prophesying. To be honest with you I did not pay that much attention because I was going through a hard time financially. I didn't understand why I was not getting ahead financially. I missed the first opportunity, but you said at the altar, "Aren't you glad that we serve a God of second chances." So I took the chance to speak to the situation. I got a call from the IRS that next week and they said that instead of me having to pay in taxes I was getting close to $900.00 back. Amen, thank you Jesus! Also, since I saw you at the conference, my dad (who is not in church) called me and for the first time in my life actually started talking to me about God... that he is wanting to get in church.

Ken Brewster


A Walking Dead Man Raised To Life

I was raised in the United Pentecostal Church in Lumberton, North Carolina, which was started by Stanley Wilt in 1973. I started drinking when I was in third or fourth grade, but it was just a beer, nothing big. The occasional beers became a habit and around the age of twelve or thirteen I was drinking steadily. By the time Bro. Barnhill took the church in Lumberton in January,1980, I was already drinking with older men in town. At the age of fifteen I was already involved in drugs.
I quit going to church and starting doing anything for a high. I got kicked out of high school for drinking and at the age of eighteen I lost a close friend to alcohol. He was also eighteen and he died in my home.
I started receiving the “Spirit of Freedom” magazine and Bro. Barnhill continued to pray for me. I believe God had his hand on my life but I only fell deeper into drugs and alcohol. I was on cocaine, crystal meth, and any drug that I could find. I tried snorting, smoking, and injecting. I would take massive amounts of drugs, enough to kill two men my size, just to show off.
At the age of twenty-one, doctors told me I had the heart rate and blood pressure of a seventy year old man. They told my five or six times to stop drinking and using drugs because if I didn’t, I would be a dead man.
My drinking addiction had complete control of my life. I began and ended my day with alcohol. If I woke up in the middle of the night I would drink a beer. I rarely remember falling asleep at night because I would be in a “blackout.” I wouldn’t drink cokes or juice, mostly beer and liquor. I wouldn’t even buy a coke because that meant less money for beer. At work, if I didn’t drink a beer at lunch, I would drink water so I had more money for alcohol by the time I left. My addiction was so severe that I could function but I didn’t know what I was doing. I tried going to rehab but I was kicked out for drinking before they shipped me from the detox center.
I was married and had a daughter but the drug addictions and drinking habits didn’t stop. The marriage ended with drugs and alcohol, just like it started.
I have been stabbed in the chest and stabbed in the forearm with a butcher knife that went completely through my arm. The doctors said it was worse than a forty-four caliber gun shot wound. I was in a truck with friends that flipped end over end into the river and I was thrown out of the sunroof. I was involved in a shooting where a child was in the car I was shooting at. God saved the kid and me. I was also heavy into rock and roll and I would hang out with a few of the bands, one being Pure White Trash.
I have lost nine of my buddies, to drugs and alcohol. About seven or eight of my friends are in now in prison. One of my buddies went into a drug induced seizure a few years back. Another friend had a heart attack sitting in my truck. I have a friend that died from AIDS right after Christmas of last year and another friend of mine has the virus. God spared me from this. Last March, my friend and neighbor blew his head off. He had been drinking for about six to eight months straight. I just shook it off and kept on going. But God has always had my hand and I believe he put me on this path to show me His power.
I was married to my wife Lynn and we drank together for seven or eight years. It caused confusion but I couldn’t stop. I lost my business that would profit me a quarter of a million a year, over alcohol, but I didn’t care. I would pray to get clean, but I don’t know if I ever really meant it. I would even ask local preachers to pray for me to stop, only to leave and get more.
I am leaving a lot out because for the past thirty years, life has seemed like a blur. One night while I was drinking, God told me to call a friend from the UPC church in Lumberton. He wasn’t home so I gave Bro. Barnhill a call around one or two o’clock in the morning. He met me at the church and prayed for me. We talked for several hours. I knew prayer was already being sent up from several churches. I started going back to church with my wife but I was still drinking.
I was planning to go to the revival in Lumberton where Bro. David Smith was preaching. Naturally I came home drunk. My wife didn’t want me to go with her but I insisted. We both received the gift of the Holy Ghost that night and we were baptized the following Sunday. I tried rehab and everything else, but it was God and prayer that worked. My addictions just went away. God wiped them out. I don’t even have urges or thoughts about drinking or using drugs.
I know God has a plan for me. I told my sister a few years back that God is keeping my around for some reason. My sister, Sue, has heard my sad stories for years, but she never stopped praying and keeping the faith. All the car wrecks, fights, all the mean things I have done,

God just forgave me and washed it all away. I feel like a new man. I am a new man. I thank God for his mercy and grace.

Billy Bass - Lumberton, North Carolina


Bible World Church

Evangelist David Smith came to Bible World Church for two Sundays. God filled more than 90 people with the Holy Ghost. Many people were healed, delivered and blessed. David has a very pure and powerful faith in God and His Word. It was a pleasure to have Brother Smith in our church and we look forward to having him back again often.

Jack Cunningham


Faith Tabernacle

In the seed offering that happened when you came. One girl gave $30.00 and before the next Sunday she got a $300.00 bonus. She got a raise and her boss told her if they could do one million dollars in sales in one month he would buy her a new Lexus convertible.

We have had two girls that have gotten raises. Another got a new job at a bank.

Another couple put $50.00 in the seed offering the husband got a raise on his job. Him and one other man on his job gets 1 day of overtime a week and they are the only ones allowed to do this. They got a 150.00 blessing from the electric company and they had rented a u-haul truck and wound up getting the truck for free & and half the gas was free. ($250.00 blessing) About 6 weeks ago the man got a $300.00 bonus and another $120.00. This same couple was in service when you preached that God could do anything and they prayed that night that God would help them sell their house and within a week it sold.

Another man who was not even in the seed offering service but is a tremendous giver, got a $7000.00 check from his company that they found out they owed him due to something with his 401k.

During all this time one of our good men got a call from a company and they offered him and incredible deal, a huge raise and a company truck with expenses paid. This couple then turned around and gave a home mission’s pastor a truck that they had just not long before paid off.

Our assistant pastor got a raise on his job.

We have new visitors coming out of the wood work as they say. People are being healed and filled with the Holy Ghost.

One of our head leader’s wife’s pituitary gland quit working and she almost died. Then she had to be on all sorts of medications and they were affecting her mentally. She came down for prayer in a service, we prayed for her and God completely healed her and her doctor confirmed it.

One lady had boils and God healed them.

Ken Smith


Heart Valve Healed!

When I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with 2 heart diseases and a heart murmur due to an arterial valve malfunction. I was not allowed to do anything. (nothing that would accelerate my heart) In 2007, 2008 I was healed and now I have no trouble jumping, running, or anything! Thank God!!!

Gabrielle N.


Hip Healing

I received David's ministry at Gum Point Church in Branch, LA. When I entered the Church my right hip was aching so bad I could hardly stand. During the service I received a healing miracle and the pain vanished. Today I am walking and working with a fresh step and respectfully humbled by the GREAT POWER of GOD!!!

Giving God all the Glory,



Bayside Apostolic Center

Bro. David Smith has ministered to our church, on several occasions, through the demonstration of the Spirit. People received the Holy Ghost, others miraculously healed of their sickness or disease. He ministers "FAITH" to your church. We will have him as often as his schedule will allow him to be in Southern California. Just a few weeks ago I asked him to come and help us with our District Camp Meeting. He went out each day with teams and they put together and handed out over 10,000 cards and tickets in four days. As a result we had over 70 receive the Holy Ghost in our services and many that were miraculously healed. Over 3000 were in attendance and were moved by the faith of his ministry. Bro. Smith is a man called by God to minister in this day!

Steven Saiz



I just wanted to say, "God gave me a miracle last night and I thank God for all that He has done and is doing in my life. NO more migraines, NO more back pain, NO more bottom of feet hurting. Thank You LORD!!! Thanks for letting God use you in the ways He does. May God keep Blessing your Ministry."

Laura B.


The Pentecostals of Lumberton

Bro. David Smith first came to Lumberton in Jan. 2006. He was a "connect" with the church and the people fell in love with him and his ministry. That year 43 received the Holy Ghost. The next year, Jan. 2007, Bro. Smith started our year with another Holy Ghost Revival. 47 received the Holy Ghost. He is now on schedule every January at The Pentecostals. You will love his purity of spirit and the sincerity to his calling.

Roy Barnhill


Eva United Pentecostal Church

THANK YOU for coming. What a weekend. It has done great things in our church. I can't keep up or remember all the reports that are spinning off of this one weekend.

- Baptist lady, who received HG Sunday, her husband is pumped about the church and the Holy Ghost.

- Man who received HG pm service is supposed to bring 12 people Sunday

- Lady from family who got the HG, but she didn't yet, had a miracle take place in her hand for which she had come.

- Another man who received HG who was catholic, is speaking swelling things about God, HG, & church.

- I counted 10-15 who had received HG back for Tuesday night.

Get ready for the Miraculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely for REVIVAL.

Bishop Wilbanks



During David Smith's altar call for miracles at Life Tabernacle in Lebanon, I came forward with a need for a financial miracle. One of his men was excited, seemed to be waiting for that very need to arrive. After being anointed, I went away sure that God would take care of me. Just this past week I received a $10 hr raise, as well as my own office and respect for the position I've been in now for three years. I couldn't be praising God more!



New Life Tabernacle

Evangelist David Smith is a clear voice in today's wilderness. His anointed gift of preaching mixed with tremendous faith and charisma has caused a dynamic impact in the lives of literally thousands of people. In the last 3 years, we have witnessed close to 800 people receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, while Bro. Smith was with us at New Life Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY....Bishop Micheal Mitchell. (He's A BEAST!) Bro. Smith is a man of faith and a lover of souls. New Life Tabernacle will forever be grateful for the ministry of Evangelist Smith. I love him and his family dearly.

I consider The Smith's great friends, mentors and wonderful people of God. Luv Ya Bro!

Omar C. Jolly


Apostolic Tabernacle

Bro David Smith came to Merced.
We had great church and 26 people received the Holy Ghost

Sam Emory


Job Interview Miracle

I have been on interviews for a full-time job for some months now, without getting any responses. On Sunday 2/10/08, during a Holy Ghost rally in NY, Bro Smith told us to prophesy over the things we've been praying for or that we desire. I spoke the word of faith that I'd hear from the position that is for me before this week is over. The Wednesday following that Sunday, I got a call from a place I thought had forgotten about me, and we're supposed to have a follow-up interview in another 2 weeks or so. I'm believing God to hold MY job for me....TO GOD BE THE GLORY...GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE....AND WILL DO!

K. Bertram



I got the Holy Ghost on Oct 21, 2007. I was raised in church. Never having got it. At 34 years old I heard an online sermon that you preached at Bro. Sam Emory's church. You said I would hear a different language in my head. I repented just like you told them to do, and boom I got it. On the floor, slobbering, all over... But I got it.. Thank you for all you preach. So was glad I got to drive the 5 hours to the General Conference and hear it again. God is AWESOME..



Heavenly Language In My Mind

Rev. David Smith visited First Pentecostal Church of Wichita, Kansas on August 16, 2009. Listening to Bro. David Smith on DVD before he came to my Church, he said that you will hear the Heavenly Language in your mind before you speak it. I have been trying to receive the Holy Ghost for several months. I 'heard' the Heavenly Language in my mind but thought it was just my flesh. I did not speak the words because I wanted the Holy Ghost to be real, not my flesh. On August 16, 2009 I spoke the words I was hearing in my mind and I received the gift of the Holy Ghost!!! Thank You Bro. Smith for helping me!!

Paul Fogle


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